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Jacksonville’s Role in Prohibition

Great drinks start with great ingredients, and aren’t we glad that we aren’t faced with the challenges that Prohibition brought to this nation.

“The Volstead” gets its name from The Volstead Act, which enacted Prohibition in the United States in late 1919. The act was later repealed in 1933, but the era would forever leave its mark on history. Some of histories most colorful personalities were players in bootlegging operations, and to this day bars still carry on

Jacksonville Florida pre-prohibition was a beautiful, bustling city where people came to achieve their dreams; designed to be the original site of Hollywood where the stars and starlets of the era came to spend their time.

As the decade progressed the nation fell on hard times, Congressman Andrew Volstead chalked up the bill to eradicate the production and sale of liquor throughout the United States. As liquor became more scarece, people became craftier in finding ways to get hooch into the country. Due to the prime waterfront property, Jacksonville became the hub for transactions during thus time. Top bootleggers such as William “The Real” McCoy operated out of The River City.

The Volstead is striving to revive this time of elegance and intimacy as well as bring back the art of classic cocktails.

Keep Checking back for additional stories about the role Jacksonville played during Prohibition. Understand how the choice was often between the dangerous life of importing illegal alcohol or illegally producing it-  often with lethal affects.

For an even more detailed look into “The Real McCoy” and Jacksonville’s sordid past, check out this MetroJacksonville story about Bootlegging in Jax!

Bootleggin' in Jax

History is fun! Cheers!

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